Let’s Talk Birth 2021 Postponed

Dear All,

The Physical ‘live’ and ‘Virtual’ LTB 2021 event will be postponed. This is because of the recent Governmental announcements and the Venue restrictions imposed on us.

LTB is really disappointed and sad not to run the event, but……………All is not lost!…..

LTB ‘uploaded’ 2021 will still happen!

LTB ‘Upload’ was already planned for you to re-watch the presentations.

The presentations will be uploaded and accessible on the 20th Dec.

You will receive a link to access the LTB Portal before the 20th Dec

All presentations will only be accessible for 1 month. This keeps them exclusive to you!

You will still gain CPD for the presentations you watch.

The Live Speaker Q&A will happen in late January. This gives everyone time to watch the presentations on the LTB Portal and send in questions.

If you purchased a Ticket for LTB 2021 you won’t lose out, you will be automatically given entry to LTB ‘Live’ 2022 and LTB ‘Uploaded’ 2022

LTB would like to thank all the speakers and public for all your effort in supporting LTB 2021 and wish you good health.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely,

LTB Team

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