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In it’s second year, Let’s Talk Birth is returning to 5 different cities selected by you. In May 2020, we will be touring the UK again and this year with a new theme; Collaboration in Maternity Services and Influencing Change. We have the most amazing tour planned!

We have keynote speakers who have all made fantastic contributions to influencing change in the areas of work that they are passionate about. It’s our hope that you will get to learn more about their work and perhaps it will help you in yours.

For 2020 we have something NEW added to the events! We will be holding a teaching session in each city and an opportunity to ‘Ask The Panel’ questions.  To help with this, over the course of day we will be asking you to put forward the questions you are interested in opening up for discussion.

You will receive a CPD certificate for attending the event and with post event access to online resources; you get to see other speakers across the tour and earn more CPD! And of course refreshments and lunch is provided for you on the day.

Great Speakers

The speakers who join LTB have a wealth of knowledge and information to share with you. For LTB 2020 the theme is ‘Collaboration in Maternity Services and Influencing Change’. Our selected speakers for the 2020 tour will be from various backgrounds, such as Midwives, Doula’s, Obstetrics, Voluntary groups and Service Users, all of which have made huge contributions to practice. Keep an eye out on our speaker list to see who will be speaking at your chosen venue.


You will get to meet lots of other people who are all working towards supporting and empowering others using our maternity services. In LTB 2019 several collaborations were formed during the away days, where people came together from various organisations met and formed new partnerships to continue influencing change in the maternity systems. Whilst others reconnected with friends and colleagues across the 5 city tour, from midwives, doulas and other birth education organisations.

New People

“Very informative and interesting. Great to have a chance to network over a delicious lunch.” – LTB 2019

LTB wants to encourage and celebrate collaboration between the services. Women often access several services in their pregnancy, here you get to find out more about these services and chat about experiences.

Have Fun

This year we have a dedicated teaching session and ‘Ask the Panel’ question time! You get to put your questions to our selected panel and open the discussion on topics that you are interested in.

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