The aim is simple.

To bring presentations from different expertise and experiences.

A platform for different views and perspectives

A place to listen, ask and meet others that care about what they do.

A great educational day and CPD points.

CPD Certificate.

The last 2 ‘Virtual’ events have been a success, and this year, we are going to incorporate a live and digital event together.

CPD for LTB 2022 ‘live’ – All the presentations are linked to CPD points and will email your CPD certificate after the event. 

CPD for the LTB 2022 ‘Virtual’ – If you buy a virtual pass you will get a link via email. 

You will be given a access code. You will be able to login to this website and watch most of the presentations*. 

The CPD certificate will be sent once all the presentations have been watched.

You will also have access to some of the past presentations for a limited period.

Ultimately you get information and viewpoints that support you in your role.

Our Ethos is.

Collaboration in Maternity Services, making informed choices and influencing healthy changes’.

It is healthy to question and understand why things are needed, or why things need to change, and it is extremely important to understand what the effects of change will be for anything that is introduced.

This helps by providing reference points to support autonomy when making decisions or signposting others to services. Healthy questioning makes maternity better.

LTB is designed to bring you, new research, practices and viewpoints. Balancing them with lost old practices, historical facts and outdated viewpoints (and why they are outdated).  You then can ask healthy questions so we can share the answers.

The LTB Team thank you and hope to see you all soon!


Unique learning experience!

An interesting programme for everyone who works with and supports the maternity service.

Key Maternity Speakers

Tune in to the key note speakers, watch and listen to them discussing new evidence and challenges within the maternity service

New topic each week

With a wealth and variety of knowledge, we hope to address a variety of topics.

Easy access to videos

Login, click play and start streaming

CPD certificates

CPD allocation to account holder. Click to download your certificate after the event!

Big thank you again to these partners of 2020. If you would like to become a partner for 2021 please follow the link.