Dr Rehana Jawadwala

Founder of MummyYoga


“For me Yoga is not a practice, but a way of living, parenting and navigating the murky world of modern social and environmental pressures. I am passionate about encouraging women to find their own voices on their journey through motherhood without the reliance on supposed experts or dogma or succumbing to societal judgements. I strive towards empowering mothers in raising the next generation with the physical, mental and emotional resilience needed to thrive and coexist in our world following the ahimsa philosophy of tolerance, doing no harm and peace”.

Dr. Rehana Jawadwala is the founder of Mummy Yoga, a specialist pregnancy and postnatal yoga studio-based practice. Since its inception in 2015, she has worked with more than a thousand pregnant and new mums and their partners to support their physical, mental and emotional preparation of their birth and parenting journey.

Rehana comes from an academic background in health, physical activity and nutrition. Rehana has a PhD in exercise physiology and nutrition. This rigorous scientific training has enabled her to see the ancient yoga practises through fresh updated scientifically evidenced information. Rehana has spent the last 20 years in the health and fitness industry internationally, both in the commercial setting and academia.

In addition to yoga teacher training, Rehana has further stretched and consolidated her knowledge by studying with pioneers such as Michel Odent, the Spinning Babies team and Leslie Kaminoff.

Rehana was recently an invited expert by the Sector Skills Council, Skills Active to participate in the development of National Occupation Standards for yoga teacher training across the four nations.

Rehana is chair of her local NHS trust, Maternity Voices Partnership initiative that empowers women in her community to be engaged with the maternity services that they access.

Rehana writes and speaks extensively on the importance of physical activity during the perinatal period. Her work is published within leading publications such as Birthing magazine and AIMS. She is currently writing a book for Pinter and Martin on the topic (out Autumn 2020).

Rehana is also an active voice in the community championing the cause of perinatal depression. She was invited to a House of Commons meeting to share and speak on the cause. Her initiative, fuelled by her personal story, mobilised more than 300 local women to come forth with their experiences and create one of the strongest cases for support for mothers in the House of Commons. Since then she has founded the Mothers’ Mental health Matters Project (#MMhM) to keep the agenda of perinatal depression and its impact on the entire family topical.