Samantha Gadsden

Doulaing and enabling women to own their own power are my passions. I firmly believe that all women deserve to be listened to and treated with dignity and respect, in all walks of life.


Pregnancy, birth and the post natal period, can be the most vulnerable, most raw, most powerful and most primal time of a woman’s life. The way we are treated at this time, how we birth and how we are treated while we birth and after birth, remain with us for the rest of our time on this earth and help shape our children, their children and the next generations.

My role is to support women and families, to help them achieve the births they want and deserve, wherever and however that is and to support them to have a joyous post natal experience and parenting journey and have set up a holistic pre-conception through to parenting hub, from egg collection, through your pregnancy, birth and into your parenting years I can support you.

I believe in choice and honesty, so that women can make informed decisions about their births and achieve the birth for them, at home, in hospital, vaginally or by caesarean birth. I have particular interests in twin and multiple birth, freebirth and gentle caesareans and have supported IVF and lone parent pregnancies.