How to access Let's Talk Birth 2022 Catch-up

  1. Hover over Conference on the website menu
  2. Click login from the drop-down menu
  3. Enter your username/email and the password that was used when registering for your pass
  4. Once you have done this click login, and you will be redirected to the conferences page
  5. Once on the conferences page, please select the chosen presentation and enrol
  6. Enjoy the conferences!

Welcome to all!

Thank you so much for supporting Let’s Talk Birth. LTB and all the speakers truly enjoy this interaction. Your participation is what make this great! There is a question box, so please ask.

How the virtual conference days will work and CPD.

We have tried to balance Let’s Talk Birth being a conference, with an educational portal.

Each presentation block is linked to CPD.

Each part will stay accessible for a limited period.

You will need to click every part to start watching each section of the presentation.

You will only be able to ‘fast forward/rewind’ after you have watched the whole presentation.

You can pause the presentations at any time to have a break, and it will save your position.

You need to click on each presentation as they will not start automatically.

You will be accredited a CPD Certificate after you have watched a presentation block.

Please note: The system will not store your progress if you log out during the presentation. If this happens you will have to start the video again if you are watching it for the first time. This is because the system we use for allocating CPD needs to pass a certain point in the presentation block.



Watching on the 23rd Dec 2022.

It will play from the beginning.

A CPD click box will appear at the end.

You click the CPD box and the CPD will credit your user account.

You can now re-watch any part of the presentation up to 1st Feb 2023.

Why are the presentations only available for a limited time?

This is to protect you and the speakers from information that is outdated.

All speakers are constantly updating their presentations because facts and data can change.

LTB is designed to challenge information and practice. If these presentations were left accessible it could potentially mean that outdated information was echoed for longer than is helpful.

We are sure you appreciate this and have experienced systems that are in an unhealthy cycle of “We’ve always done it that way”. We’d like to break that cycle and not contribute to it.

This is why it’s important that you ask questions. Asking questions lets you understand why thing are done.