2023 Speakers

Mark Williams

“Father’s Perinatal Support”

Keynote speaker Mark Williams is an advocate for fathers’ mental health. He is a motivational speaker and, on a mission, to start the conversation about fathers’ perinatal mental health issues and mental health in general.

Elaine Coote

“Long-term effects of the perinatal period”

Elaine is a professional speaker, chair, workshop leader and author on perinatal mental health, initially through lived experience and subsequently through gained knowledge.

Mike Coote

“Language and communication for the father and the family”

Mike presents a clear and unequivocal message whenever he speaks and to whomever he speaks to. Having served as an officer in the South African army for many years and having experienced the harshness of battle conditions.

Scott Mair

“Father’s Perinatal Support”

I am a perinatal mental health trainer specialising in father’s mental health and cultural differences, for the last 12 months I have been training NHS trusts across the UK on these subjects. I work with hospitals and charities around the country delivering training to HCPs and supporting new fathers with their MH and transition into parenthood.

Dr. David Hutchon

“Are we causing neonatal brain injuries?”

I am a retired obstetrician. Five years before retiral I spent a sabbatical year in New Zealand. Since then I have organised numerous conferences on the subject, given numerous talks and publications in journals and a chapter in a medical book.

Kemi Johnson

Attending virtually with “Bites of Kemi”

Childbirth these days has many twists and turns in it for many people. This is largely because of interventions and it can be very hard to figure out whether unwanted events in childbirth are just bad luck, or whether there were reasons or a cascade of events leading from one to the other.

David Monteith

“The 3-Dimensional Singularity of Stillbirth?”

Grace Dinah Monteith was our second daughter. She was born dead in May 2014. We were 41+2 weeks pregnant when Siobhan’s waters broke, I was a little surprised as our first daughter was born at 42+5 and I had been preparing myself for another long wait.

Heather Copete

“Side effects of language”

Heather is a research officer for Birth Trauma Association.

Janine McKnight-Cowan

“Once the stitches are in let the recovery begin”

Describing herself as an author by accident, following on from her forty-five years as a nurse, midwife, health visitor, and manager in the NHS.

Mark Harris

“Subconscious & Birth Trauma”

I love being around people, always have as long as I can remember; having five sisters and three brothers afforded me plenty of practice and now with 6 children of my own and 6 grandchildren I have lots of opportunity to indulge my people passion.

Hayley Morgan

“The Autistic Birth Experience”

Mum, PhD researcher, author of ‘How to Support Autistic People in Pregnancy and Birth’

Samantha Gadsden

“Negativity of freebirth”

Doulaing and enabling women to own their own power are my passions. I firmly believe that all women deserve to be listened to and treated with dignity and respect, in all walks of life.

Dr Anna Byrom

“Sustaining Midwifery – Meaningful Midwifery Moments”

Commencing her midwifery career over 23 years ago, Anna has worked in a variety of roles across midwifery services, education, and research, throughout the UK.